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The Bike2Work Program is intended to reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, and promote wellness amongst employees by providing a monthly benefit for qualifying bicycle expenses incurred by participants who commute to work via bicycle.

Business man riding his bike to work.

The PSC bicycle benefit program, known as the Bike2Work Program, is an expansion of the PSC Transit Benefit Program* and is available to all qualifying U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) employees of participating operating divisions.** Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (Public Law 115-97), employees receiving the $20 per month Bike2Work benefit must now pay taxes on the benefit.

Program Benefits

The PSC Bike2Work Program supports the expansion of the Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefit (IRS Tax Code Section 132(f)) to allow bicycle commuters to receive $20.00 per month as a benefit to pay for qualifying expenses incurred by commuting via bicycle.

Participants regularly using a non-motorized bicycle for a substantial portion of commuting days between the participant’s residence and the work site (50 percent or greater) are eligible to receive the bicycle benefit.

Bicycle commuting expenses under this program may include the following:

  • The purchase of a bike lock
  • Bike parking or storage
  • Bike upgrades (lights, racks, etc.)
  • Repairs, tuning, and general maintenance
  • Safety equipment


A completed Bike2Work application must be submitted prior to receiving the benefit. Incomplete applications will not be processed. Participants must recertify annually to continue to receive the benefit. Participants understand it is a violation of law to provide false or fraudulent information to the federal government to obtain the bicycle benefit.

All bicycle benefit participants must adhere to the policy and rules of the garage and/or building policy for safeguarding a bicycle on HHS owned or rented property. HHS assumes no liability for damage or theft of personal property.

*Currently the bicycle benefit benefit cannot be combined with the transit or parking benefit. On any given month, employees who opt for the bicycle benefit cannot take advantage of the transit or parking benefit.

**The PSC Transit Benefit Program and Bike2Work Program are not currently available to NIH employees.


Enrollment is open at all times to HHS federal employees. Eligible HHS employees may apply for the PSC Bike2Work program by logging into the GOVGO! Portal.

Approximately 650 national and locally owned retailers and storage providers will accept the bicycle vouchers. $10 and $20 denominations are available. Participating vendors can be found at:


For questions about the Bike2Work Program, please contact the PSC Transit Benefit Program Office via email at or via phone at (301) 492-4774.

Bike2Work FAQ’s

Enrollment is open at all times to HHS federal employees. Eligible HHS employees may apply for the PSC Bike2Work program by logging into the GOVGO! Portal.
Prior to applying for the Bike2Work program, you will must withdraw from the Transit Benefit Program and your GO!card® will cancelled. You may shred or cut up your GO!card. It does not need to be returned.
Bicycle vouchers expire after one year.
Yes, more than one voucher can be redeemed at a time.
No, participating vendors are not required to provide change.
Yes, participants may participate in the program year round.
No, it is not necessary to maintain a commuting log.
No, bicycle sharing programs such as Capital Bike Share, LimeBike, Mobike, Jump DC, and Spin do not meet the IRS definition of mass transit and are not reimbursable expenses under the PSC Bike2Work program.
If you have further questions, please contact the PSC Transit Benefit Office via email at or (301) 492-4774.