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Transit Benefit Program Management

Program Support Center (PSC) Transit Benefit Program Management provides a secure and reliable turnkey transit benefit program management solution.

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Transit Benefits

PSC Transportation Services administers the transit benefit program for employees using public (mass) transportation nationwide. The PSC Transit Benefit Program is a transportation incentive program offering transit benefits to employees who commute to work by public transportation rail (e.g., subway, commuter, and light rail), bus (e.g., transit authority and commuter), ferry, van pool, or bicycle.

PSC Transportation Services distributes and manages the GO!cardSM charge card program for individual commuters to receive and utilize their monthly transit benefit through the GO!card — a VISA® network federal charge card. The assigned cardholder electronically purchases monthly transit fares within the limit of their certified commute cost directly from the transit vendor(s).

From mass transit to Van pool Ride Sharing to Bike2Work to other modes of transportation, HHS employees and other Federal agency administrators can seamlessly enroll staff, quickly distribute benefits, only pay for funds used, and easily manage and monitor the program online. This frees up valuable resources, time, and budget spending to allow Federal agencies to focus on achieving their core mission activities.

PSC Transit Benefit Program Distribution Methods


The GO!card is the primary tool through which transit benefits are distributed to HHS employees who use public transportation to commute between their home and place of work. The PSC GO!card permits the cardholder to electronically purchase monthly transit fares within the limit of their certified commute cost.

The GO!card is ordered and mailed to new enrollees within 10 to 14 days of benefit application approval. Benefits are available immediately upon card activation. The card is refreshed monthly.

Guidelines for GO!card Cardholders
  • The GO!card is exclusively for the purchase of monthly transit fare media for travel between home and work.
  • The benefit amount is automatically available on the PSC GO!card each month.
  • The maximum amount available on the card each month is equal to the enrollees’ approved monthly transit benefit amount (up to $270 per month).
  • Benefits are made available on the 23rd of each month and remain available through the 15th of the following month. Unused monthly transit benefits expire at the end of each month.
  • Enrollees are not responsible for the bill and will not be sent a statement.
  • This charge card has no relationship to enrollees’ credit scores; no information is reported to Federal Credit Bureaus.
  • The PSC GO!card is not authorized to be used while the enrollee is on temporary duty (TDY) travel.


Transit Benefits Program participants who use transit service providers not equipped to accept electronic payment will be issued a monthly voucher or fare media. This will be mailed directly to the participant’s address of record via the U.S. Postal Service no fewer than two (2) days before the beginning of each benefit period. It is the responsibility of the enrollee to file a claim if benefits are not received.