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Work/Life Program

PSC offers your employees a flexible range of options to help boost their productivity by providing resources and tools to ease the tension between their work and personal priorities.


Through its PSC Work/Life Program, PSC's occupational health team boosts productivity by providing resources and tools that help employees better manage their work and personal priorities. We offer confidential consultation for a wide range of issues, research and referral to qualified resources, and interactive Web tools.

Services offered include:

  • Child care and parenting
  • Adult care and aging, including free in-person assessments by a professional care manager
  • Pregnancy and adoption
  • Life-Long Learning (educational resources for a variety of academic needs)
  • Financial and legal concerns, including retirement planning
  • Daily needs (e.g., moving relocation, home repair, and others)
  • Educational kits specific to prenatal care, child safety, college, adult care, and wellness
  • Quarterly reports that provide usage details to highlight agency care giving needs
  • Return-on-investment reports that demonstrate bottom-line value of dollars invested
  • 24/7 toll-free telephone access
  • Interactive website with searchable databases

Offered To

All federal agencies


Dr. Kalim Wigfall
(301) 492-5465

Small child coloring.

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