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Wellness and Fitness

PSC's occupational health team offers comprehensive and integrated wellness and health promotion programs (including fitness center management services) specifically tailored to federal customer needs and employee interests.


A perfect example of our integrated health, wellness, and work/life balance flagship program, called FedStrive, is helping federal employees achieve a healthier and more balanced life. Federal agencies experience positive organizational outcomes from improvements in employee health, productivity, and engagement. In addition, wellness and health promotion programs are an extremely important recruitment and retention tool for agencies according to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

PSC's Wellness and Health Promotion Services:

  • Help create an engaged and energized federal workforce
  • Improve employee morale productivity, and job satisfaction
  • Keep healthy employees at low-risk by promoting health maintenance and support behavior change for employees at moderate or high risk
  • Can be delivered both on site and virtually across an agency's entire workforce population

Wellness and Health Promotion Services: Our Approach

PSC views employee wellness as a long-term commitment, starting with a pre-program assessment and annual program development including personal health wellness assessments, wellness portal, wellness challenges, and health coaching to help participants develop skills to make healthy choices. PSC's wellness and health promotion services integrate with other services (e.g. wellness/fitness center, health center, and/or Work/Life service) at the agency level and/or worksite subject to availability.

Services Offered

Program planning and management including:

  • Pre-program assessments
  • Program development
  • Annual program assessment and planning
  • Communication plan development

Online wellness profile/health assessment platform/Web portal including:

  • Comprehensive Lifestyle Management Center
  • Coach's Corner, allowing employees to create customized workout programs
  • Personalized improvement measurement tools and logs for employee goal tracking
  • Additional mini-health assessments to improve health or reduce health risk behaviors
  • Educational webinars on nutrition, weight management, stress management, and other topics

Health coaching online, telephonic, or on-site to help participants understand their risks and how to address them supporting a balanced, healthy lifestyle by:

  • Providing answers to pressing health concerns
  • Setting personalized goals
  • Addressing health risks, and other actions

On-site health promotion coordinators that support a variety of health events and activities toward active living, healthy eating, emotional wellbeing and tobacco free living

Tailored educational opportunities online or on-site via webinars, health fairs, etc., including:

  • Online educational webinars
  • Health fairs to meet federal employee population needs
  • Health screenings to provide employees with an overview of health status
  • Educational presentations on an array of helpful health-related subjects
  • Wellness demonstrations on exercise, healthy cooking, and stress reduction methods

On-site fitness center management services

Meaningful reporting resources and tools, such as regular program evaluations and ongoing consultation including:

  • Reporting on customer satisfaction, program engagement, wellness profiles (with annual comparisons), and health outcomes
  • Return on investment (ROI) analysis

Offered To

All federal agencies


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(301) 492-5365

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