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Physical Security and Emergency Management

Program Support Center's physical security and emergency management services provide oversight and support of physical security and emergency management for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and its operating divisions and staff divisions.


Services offered include:

  • Support for visitor access to facilities, including access for VIPs
  • Review building designs and inspect HHS facilities
  • Identify HHS critical assets and determine proper protective measures
  • Inspect, evaluate, and analyze existing security processes
  • Provide formal and informal security recommendations
  • Conduct vulnerability and risk assessments
  • Provide security-related support for construction, renovation, and modernization
  • Conduct facility security assessments
  • Procure and maintain necessary security equipment
  • Act as security liaisons between local, state, and federal law enforcement and other federal agencies
  • Manage key control for HHS facilities
  • Provide training to HHS employees for Occupant Emergency Plan/Occupant Emergency Organization and active shooter/active threats
  • Establish and maintain emergency preparedness procedures and practices to ensure continuity of priority mission-essential functions and the safety of HHS employees
  • Conduct and manage exercises in support of emergency management operations
  • Monitor and respond to and

Offered To



Cynthia Slinkosky
(202) 774-2328

the back of a security officer.