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Occupational Health Services

PSC offers Behavioral Health Services including Employee Assistance Programs, Work/life programs, and Organizational Leadership and Development services; Clinical Health Services; and Environmental Health and Safety Services. Click on any service below for more details.

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Employee Assistance Program

PSC helps employees and managers develop the skills and confidence needed to deal with challenges and opportunities at work and in life.

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Environmental Health and Safety

PSC helps agencies comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration and environmental health regulations.

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PSC offers an integrated employee health, wellness, and work/life program.

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Health Clinics

PSC delivers comprehensive, integrated occupational health and wellness services through a nationwide network.

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Medical Employability

PSC provides expert medical opinions and recommendations pertaining to employees' abilities to perform the essential functions of a specific position as it relates to their health condition(s).

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Medical Surveillance

PSC monitors the health of employees who work in settings where they may be exposed to occupational health hazards.

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Psychological Testing and Evaluation

PSC offers psychological evaluation and consultation services guided by nationally recognized experts.

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Wellness and Health Promotion

PSC offers comprehensive, integrated, wellness and health promotion programs, including fitness center management services, which are tailored specifically to address Federal customer needs and employee interests.

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PSC offers your employees a flexible range of options to help boost their productivity by providing resources and tools to ease the tension between their work and personal priorities.

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Workers Compensation Management

PSC's experienced professionals are here to help you, our customers, manage existing worker compensation claims, identify potential cost savings, and explore effective case management strategies.