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Mail Screening

PSC's mail screening service protects your employees and your facilities. PSC offers a state-of-the-art mail and parcel inspection system to screen for, detect, and neutralize potential mail threats.


We have the ability to detect an array of biological and chemical threats through the ease of specialized scientific equipment. We offer mail center managers, their supervisors, and an organization's security personnel a framework for understanding and mitigating risks posed to the organization by the mail and packages received on a daily basis.

Services offered include:

  • Provide adequate, secure space to perform incoming mail screening at an off-site location
  • All letters, flats, parcels, and other material addressed to agencies will be x-ray scanned and inspected.
  • If warranted, based on visual scanning, suspicious mail will be quarantined and tested

Offered To

All federal agencies


Bobbi Sue Cline
(301) 443-5921

a man scanning a package with a key fob looking device.