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Facilities Operations and Maintenance

PSC offers expert, comprehensive daily management of building and facilities operations, with expertise in General Services Administration (GSA) delegated and leased space. We utilize best practices, including sustainability, to reduce operating costs and promote efficient operations.


Currently, we manage more than 2 million square feet of HHS-occupied space in the District of Columbia and Maryland.

Managed facilities services include:

  • Operations and maintenance of government-owned plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems
  • Cleaning, landscaping, window washing, snow removal, and pest control services
  • Energy management
  • Emergency backup power systems
  • Lock work
  • Waste removal, recycling, and shredding services
  • Utilities management and energy audits
  • Building maintenance service call management
  • Consultation on operational issues and service contracts
  • Liaison between customers and GSA or building owners on building operations issues
  • Related services upon customer request

Tenant assistance support can include:

  • Service call management
  • Environmental and building safety
  • Lock work
  • Fire extinguisher maintenance
  • Other services upon customer request

Offered To

All federal agencies


Sid Ohri
(202) 260-7264

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