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Charge Card Management

PSC offers federal employees the use of charge cards (exclusively under the SmartPay 3 program) plus services such as task order development and solicitation, card distribution, and system access. We utilize GSA SmartPay 3 vendors such as Citibank or U.S. Bank. The vendors provide charge cards to the agency, or the organization's employees, to make official purchases on behalf of the agency or organization.


Services offered include:

  • Card distribution
  • System access
  • Threshold setting
  • Delinquency reporting
  • Policy
  • Basic training
  • Basic reporting
  • Compliance

Additional support services:

  • Supporting you and your team during development of your agency's travel policy
  • Developing and delivering training courses for your administrators and cardholders
  • Assisting with change communication prior to program kickoff
  • Business intelligence and custom reporting

Offered To

All federal agencies


Manny Van Pelt
(301) 492-4778

close up of a credit card.

Service Resources

Travel Resources
Charge Card Overview