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Transit Subsidy Program Management


    A secure end-to-end transit subsidy program management service. By bus or rail or bike or other modes of transportation, customers can seamlessly enroll employees, quickly distribute benefits, only pay for funds used, and easily manage and monitor their transit subsidy benefits program freeing up resources, time, and budgets to focus on core mission activities.

    Detailed Description


    Eligible Commuter Services

    • Mass transit (rail, bus, ferry)
    • Van pool
    • Bicycle

    Distribution Types

    • GO!card®
    • Monthly and Annual Passes
    • Paper Vouchers

    Support Provided

    • Customer Service
    • Account Management
    • Business Intelligence


    All federal agencies

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    “Your program offers efficiencies and flexibilities and we greatly value your sage advice. We are very impressed with your actual and emerging capabilities and the options that you offer will help to further reduce our program expenditures. We appreciate our continued collaboration and teamwork to find solutions that are mutually beneficial to both parties and invaluable as we move forward.  We look forward to an enduring business partnership."

     — Program Manager, VA

    “The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) would not have had a successful transition to the HHS Program Support Center (PSC) without the support of the PSC’s Transit Subsidy Program Management team.  The Transit Subsidy Program Management team provided much needed industry expertise and unparalleled customer service during the transition.  Together we were able to properly plan and circumvent risks to provide our customers with a seamless transition.  HHS, PSC is undoubtedly first class!”

    — Program Manager, CFPB


    All federal agencies

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    All federal agencies

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