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Environmental Health and Safety


    PSC’s occupational health team provides environmental health services using an integrated approach that helps agencies comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration and environmental health regulations. We respond to safety, environmental, or health incidents to provide support and expert consultation.  Services also include the expertise and experience needed to anticipate, evaluate, and control hazards in the federal workplace while also maintaining and improving employee health, productivity, and morale.

    Detailed Description

    Services offered include:

    • Comprehensive occupational health program evaluation and design
    • Industrial hygiene assessments and evaluations
    • Disaster and urgent response services
    • Safety surveys and audits
    • Indoor air quality studies and monitoring
    • Asbestos detection, monitoring, and abatement oversight
    • Lead-based paint detection, monitoring, and abatement oversight
    • Water quality assessments and studies
    • Food service safety and sanitation programs, inspections, and assessments
    • Development and implementation of the personal protective equipment program
    • Respirator fit-testing (quantitative and qualitative)
    • Assessment of occupational noise hazards and development of hearing conservation programs
    • Ergonomic assessments and training
    • Occupational health and environmental compliance training programs
    • Hazardous material/waste management
    • Development and implementation of the hazard communication program
    • Laboratory analytical services (organics, metals, wet chemistry and microbiological)
    • Consultation and evaluation services for “green” projects and sustainability plans and programs

Environmental Health and Safety fact sheet


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    “...Without their subject-matter expertise, extensive experience, hyper-flexibility, and outstanding willingness to do whatever it takes, we would not be anywhere as well prepared as we are today...”

    - Jeffrey Smith, NORTHCOM

    "We have worked with the FOH inspectors for many years. They are very professional and knowledgeable about the process."

    - Mari Foster, GSA

    “This is a good example of how FOH can respond to our needs with quality occupational health-related instruction and industrial hygiene support.”

    - Brett Blount, USARC Safety


    All federal agencies

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