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Organizational Development and Leadership


    PSC’s Occupational Health team specializes in executive coaching, corporate psychology, organizational development, and process re-engineering, in addition to team building, strategic planning, change management, and staff development. Our programs are grounded in the belief that people are the federal government’s most critical asset.


    Detailed Description

    We assist federal agencies in achieving and sustaining healthy work environments, engaged workforces, and cultures of productivity and empowerment.

    Services offered include:

    • Executive coaching
    • Career coaching
    • Team building
    • Professional development
    • Change management

    Why should you consider working with us?

    PSC's Occupational Health leadership coaching and organizational development (OD) services are designed to be flexible and adaptable to meet your needs. We work closely with individual clients to adapt our services offerings to meet specific requirements and ensure that our service will provide tremendous value on your investment.

    At the same time, our program incorporates and builds on decades of experience, recent research, and organizational development work.

    Here are a few reasons you might consider working with us:

    • Simple Acquisition – We use interagency agreements to offer a high-quality alternative to the costly and time-consuming acquisitions process.
    • Competitive Price – We offer coaching, expert consultant, training, and other OD support as well under market rates for the same services from private firms.
    • Experience – We bring over 65 years of experience and passion to our mission of helping feds. Our nationwide team of expert consultants and coaches specialize in working with federal clients. We adapt OD and coaching interventions to meet the unique needs and challenges of federal government leaders and executives.
    • Effective – We take care of your employees so that they can stay mission-focused.
    • Outcome Driven – We utilize evidence-based approaches to help ensure significant program utilization and high-impact.

Organizational Development and Leadership Fact Sheet


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    “...I recommend the PSC Organizational Development team without hesitation to all of our federal colleagues in need of such services.”

    - Assistant Secretary for Administration, HHS

    “The level of support and engagement from the PSC OD Team is, in a word, AMAZING!”

    - National Program Manager, TSA Career Coaching Program


    All federal agencies

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    All federal agencies

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