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Director's Corner

Check back each quarter for the latest message from the PSC Director, Al Sample

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Positive Changes, Improved Efficiencies

November 8, 2018

Happy fiscal year 2019! As the largest multi-function shared service provider in the federal government, we are committed to serving agencies with support services to meet your business needs, and being partners in your success, so that you can focus on your core mission.

I encourage you to browse our services and let us know how we can support and improve your business operations. We have a wide range of more than 40 services in three major areas of financial management and acquisitions; occupational health; and real estate, logistics, and operations. Our service directors oversee the delivery of services and operations, and can answer questions and concerns.

This fall, we are overseeing the rollout of the new GO!card, which affects many employees across the federal government. In addition, our partnership with the PSC Real Estate Project Management team and General Services Administration resulted in a successful consolidation of agencies and workplace design for the HHS Region 3 offices in Philadelphia. The innovation and expertise led to substantial cost savings and a reduction in space, while providing an updated and modernized new office design.

PSC is also rolling out its new FedHealth system, an integrated, secure, and comprehensive health IT solution that offers a full service patient engagement portal. FedHealth is a shining example of our integrated services and how agencies can benefit from this robust partnership. In addition, we are doing the right thing for the environment by going digital with payroll calendars and actually having trees planted rather than cut down.

Have a great first quarter and fall season and let us know how we can best serve you.

Al Sample

Al Sample portrait

Our Commitment to Modernization

July 10, 2018

As the premier provider of shared services to the federal government, we realize the importance of modernizing technology in Program Support Center's (PSC's) service delivery to you, our client agencies. PSC creates value that most organizations cannot attain independently, and we continually explore ways to create new services and enhance business solutions that ensure our customers' vital needs are met.

To advance the development of our technology strategy to best serve our customers, we have hired Dennis Papula as our Chief Business Technology Officer. We are excited to have Dennis on the leadership team. He will provide oversight and guidance for new technology initiatives and establish and maintain effective working relationships with PSC stakeholders and partners. You can read an interview with Dennis in our Partners newsletter.

We look forward to leveraging new leading-edge technology to help agencies focus on their core missions that enhance and protect the health and well-being of all Americans, whether an agency is seeking a cure for a particular disease, administering grant programs for child health and development, or preparing for disease outbreaks or the impacts of natural disasters. We want to support and improve your business operations and provide a reliable go-to resource while enhancing your experience and working smarter on your behalf. We see great opportunities to be in the vanguard of change that helps our organization better support yours.

Some examples of our commitment to modernization include our recent industry day event with more than 200 industry partners that focused on business solutions that use artificial intelligence technology. We updated our website — — with improved speed, more intuitive navigation, and a streamlined user experience overall. In addition, our mail operations service is using cutting-edge technology to save client agencies money and add value with benefits, such as superior service. You can learn more about these topics in the summer 2018 issue of Partners.

We look forward to exploring opportunities to leverage both existing and emerging technologies to better serve you.

Thank you for your collaboration and partnership. I hope you have a terrific summer!

Al Sample

Al Sample portrait

Exploring Technology Opportunities to Best Serve You

March 28, 2018

At Program Support Center (PSC), we are always looking for ways to best serve you by improving the delivery of services and reducing costs. Our goal is to make it easier to fulfill your agency's mission. In fact, that's our mission every day!

One of the ways we support customers is by incorporating the newest ideas and utilizing the most up-to-date technology. As detailed in the feature article in this edition of Partners, we've been doing technology assessments and exploring how to deploy new technology to improve services. As a forward-thinking organization, we're excited about the future and how we can best contribute to your overall success.

We had another outstanding year of partnership with customer agencies and are proud to share some highlights. For example, we closed out the financial activity for fiscal year 2017 and reopened the system in record time to be available for the 2018 fiscal year business operations of all the agencies we serve. Not surprisingly, this success is viewed as a benchmark for the government as a whole. This is just one example of how we strive for excellence, and the depth and breadth of the support we offer federal agencies.

We take pride in active and seamless partnership with other government agencies. We stand ready to improve agency business operations with innovative, highly practical, and effective solutions. Our wide range of solutions can lift many burdens so that you can fully focus on primary objectives. Please visit and contact our service directors to learn more and explore how we can assist. We thank you for the partnership. Have an enjoyable spring season!

Al Sample

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PSC Partners Initiative

Oct 23, 2017

We are excited to announce that we recently changed the name of our quarterly customer newsletter from Service Matters to Partners. The name change reflects that we are focusing on solutions to solve some of your most pressing concerns and provide operational flexibility — as a strong partner and ally. I have challenged my team to foster a partnership with each of your agencies that is highly collaborative and increasingly responsive.

The purpose of our recent PSC Partners initiative is to conduct strategic customer engagements focusing on how PSC can transform and update key solutions to meet agency requirements in light of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) memo M-17-22 directive to improve service quality and generate cost efficiencies. This is also in support of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) ReImagine HHS initiative.

We understand that agencies may be facing significant challenges with Executive Order 137891 to reform and restructure government. PSC Partners is a first step to further leverage PSC's capacity, build partnerships, and build solutions for your agency's most pressing needs. The initiative is about moving from services to solutions — building sustainable partnerships to enhance mission readiness.

HHS has further inspired all to 'reimagine' their agencies. PSC has taken an active role in the ReImagine HHS initiative. Myself and Bill McCabe, Director, Financial Management and Procurement Portfolio and the Chief Financial Officer, PSC, served on the management and stewardship team. We helped develop ideas to streamline and create efficiencies. The benefits are passed onto to you, our customer agencies, with faster delivery, higher quality, and lower costs.

We are proud to have kicked off the PSC Partners initiative to work together with you to better manage these challenges. We know that PSC can play a vital role in your success. I look forward to our partnership and achieving our goals.

I wish you a successful fourth quarter, and please let us know how we can best serve you. Thank you for allowing us to serve you.

Al Sample

Al Sample portrait.

Innovations and Improvements

Apr 24, 2017

PSC continually looks for ways to innovate and improve. One great example of this is providing a consolidated online solution for lab supplies, which you can read all about in the Spring 2017 issue of Service Matters. You will also learn about a highly successful small-business acquisition event that our team recently produced. In addition, we have information about our many services that support green practices, the inventive summit we held to improve our fleet services, and the end-user health awareness event at HHS headquarters.

We were proud to support the new administration transition through our FedResponse service with robust, responsive customer support. Our suite of services can improve your business operations and take the burden off your agency, so you can focus on your core mission. I encourage you to browse our wide range of support here on Our service directors are available to provide you with any additional information you need about the services you currently use or would like to explore.

We strive to set the standard for leadership in shared services. We take pride in setting HHS policy in areas such as fleet, travel, environmental programs, logistics, printing, mail, and real property. PSC helps conserve government resources and — ultimately — valuable taxpayer dollars.

I wish you a successful third quarter, and please let us know how we can best serve you. Have a beautiful spring, and thank you for your continued support.

Al Sample