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Vacating Federal Space

  • Formal notification of intent to vacate space is required in writing to the Director, Real Property Management Service via
  • PSC will work with your staff to finalize a date and assist with moving and/or project management as needed
  • How do you vacate successfully?
    • –100% of people, “stuff,” files, equipment and trash is removed 
    • –Tenant representative conducts a walkthrough with PSC space manager
    • –Space manager either confirms acceptance of the space, or provides a list of corrective actions for successful vacation; secondary walkthrough is scheduled
  • Current tenant is responsible for up to four months of rent after PSC acceptance of the space
    • –Vacate date by the 14th of the month, current month counts as 1 of 4 months
    • –Vacate date 15th of the month or later, current month does NOT count as 1 of 4 months
    • –Four months is worst case; PSC will attempt to turn space into GSA or another HHS tenant ASAP

Vacating Leased Space

  • Consult with PSC Project/Space Management as soon as possible if considering a move to or from leased space
    • –PSC will help you look at options, but also explore other HHS needs that might fit into the space you plan to vacate
    • –Remember, you need written delegation from ASA to enter into your own Occupancy Agreements with GSA; PSC has this delegation and can support your efforts
  • Eligible termination date depends on the lease and Occupancy Agreement specifics.
    • –General rule of thumb:
      • Requires 4-6 months notice from HHS
  • Requires removal of all people, “stuff,” files, equipment and trash


HOW TO GUIDE:  Submitting a New Project or Space Request

For HHS tenants within HHS Regional Offices, please contact your PSC Regional Account Manager (RAM).

For all other HHS needs, please submit a Project/Space Request Form.

Step 1:

Select “Buildings and Facilities” page from the Left-Navigation Menu

Screenshot of the HHS@Work Home Page with the link to the 'Buildings & Facilities' page highlighted with a red oval

Step 2:

Locate the Space Request box on the Right-Navigation Menu

Screen capture of the Buildings and Facilities Web page, showing the Space Request box with the link to download the Space Request Form highlighted with a red oval.

Step 3:

Fill out Project Request Form in plain language, including management/budget official signoff

Screen shot of a Space Request Form with the block for the Authorized OPDIV/STAFFDIV SPONSOR signature block highlighted with a red oval.

Step 4:

Email the completed form to

Screenshot of an email message showing the 'To' address ( highlighted with a red oval


So what’s next? 

  • You will receive an automatic message confirming receipt of your email.
  • Within 48 hours, PSC will confirm your request & provide a POC/next steps. Your project is now logged & tracked as “Initiated.”  The project is not yet approved or committed.


Key Project Roles and Responsibilities

Client Executive Sponsor

  • Development and present Business Case during project Initiation.  PSC is available to assist in business case development as an ad hoc service.
  • Monitor project status (PM will provide regular updates) and weigh in on risk, cost and scope challenges.  Help remove project barriers and challenges. Act as overall decision maker for the project.
  • Designate internal Project Officer to work closely with PSC and sub-contractors.  Ensure the designee has time and prioritization to fully engage in the project.
  • Understand the “big picture” and the need to balance OPDIV/STAFFDIV interests with overall HHS and GSA efficiencies and space management.
  • In most cases, be responsible to either directly fund or authorize funding for the GSA Reimbursable Work Agreements (RWA's), purchases from the GSA Federal Supply Service, and other purchase requests.
  • Obtain union concurrence on floor plans and move issues, and after completion, be responsible for ensuring compliance with any special arrangements or rules.
  • With help from the Office of Human Resources’ Labor Relations, be responsible for communication to union officials and employees, if appropriate.

Client Project Officer

  • Represent the OPDIV/STAFFDIV in project planning.  Be aligned with internal leadership and know when to bring client leadership into conversations directly.
  • Make tactical decisions and have discretion to determine when to take decisions to the Project Sponsor.
  • Provide regular, active engagement with PSC and the project support team.
  • Provide transparency and clarity on status, schedule, cost and risk.
  • In consultation with PSC and sub-contractors, be responsible for developing a Program of Requirements (POR) to define requirements for office space, number and grades of staff members, special use space, equipment, furnishings, telecommunications, and any other special needs or functional requirements. 

PSC Project Manager

  • Serve client as focal point for all aspects of the project from start to finish.
  • Identify and document key project roles.
  • Provide regular project status reports to the PMO and client.
  • Actively manage project risks and advise client of recommended mitigation strategies.
  • Actively manage and monitor scope changes. Advise client and governance leadership if project impacts and return on investment calculations.
  • Maintain required project management documents, up to and including formal closing of the project.
  • Provide transparency and clarity on status, schedule, cost, and risk.
  • Coordinate and/or contract with GSA and vendors on client’s behalf. 

Other Key Project Roles

  • PSC Building Operations Services
    • Project Requests and Demand Management:
    • Serve as the initial intake for maintenance issues and project/space requests.  Facilitate initial dialogue with client and liaisons with Program Management Office (PMO).
    • Provides oversight over building operations and routine maintenance.
    • Champions operational issues with client, GSA, and other tenants to reach resolution.
    • Coordinates with GSA for processing or approval of utility outages and any major structural or system modifications.
  • Office of Security and Strategic Information (OSSI): 
    • Determines security level(s) in PSC-managed facilities.
    • Either directly or through written delegation to another HHS component, oversees  building access, vendor badging, adherence to safety and security requirements, and emergency management.
  • HHS Safety Program: 
    • Establishes building safety standards, including use of space heaters, appliance, etc.  For PSC-managed facilities, work with PSC Building Operations, OSSI, and local managers to advise tenants and enforce safety standards.
  • Contracting Authority (PSC, GSA or OPDIV):
    • Acts as Contracting Authority for construction or equipment, furniture, or telecommunications. The PSC Project Manager will coordinate as appropriate.
  • Information Technology (PSC, CIO, GSA or OPDIV):
    • IT provider serves as active team member, working closely with the client to assess and deliver IT needs.  The PSC Project Manager will coordinate as appropriate.

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